Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy sets out the terms under which you may access our Services and applies as soon as you access and/or use Elevate Pay. Please check the Terms & Conditions for the meaning of the defined words.

Elevate Pay provides international accounts to customers thus enables customers to receive and make payments subject to certain eligibility requirements which may depend on your occupation, country of residency or incorporation, applicable anti-money laundering regulations, Elevate Pay’s risk management policies or procedures and other factors used by us to determine such eligibility from time to time at our sole discretion.

To avoid fraud and money laundering activities we do not accept users with unknown sources of income or ambiguous lines of businesses/ occupations. Our users are encouraged to show reasons why they need a foreign account. Elevate Pay reserves the right to refuse your account application and Elevate Pay will only verify your application if on viewing your submitted documents and details we are satisfied that the nature of business being carried out by a user is such that he/she will be using a foreign virtual account for transactions.

Elevate Pay Accounts are only to be funded for use through :

  1. Receiving payments for your own salary and/or wages.
  2. Receiving payouts from e-commerce and freelancer platforms.
  3. Receiving payments from your clients and other third parties for the purpose of business payments.
  4. Receiving payments from family, friends or other people you know for personal purposes.


All activities undertaken on a Elevate Pay Account shall be activities only carried by a registered user. You shall only use the Elevate Pay Services to transact on your own account and not on behalf of any person or entity. You are solely responsible for the maintenance, confidentiality, and security of your username, password, and other User Information. You agree not to authorize any other person or entity to use your user name and password or mobile device to access the Services.

You may only open one Elevate Pay Account. Elevate Pay may refuse the creation of duplicate accounts for the same user. Where duplicate accounts are detected, Elevate Pay may close or merge these duplicate accounts at its sole discretion.


Elevate Pay may only be used for lawful purposes. We do not support businesses or transactions which are involved in any of the following categories, such businesses or transactions may be declined. While the following lists are representative, they are not exhaustive, and we reserve our right to deny our services to any customers who exceed our risk tolerance.

Restricted Services

Elevate Pay may not be used for any of the following purposes :

Unsupported Transactions & Industries

Subject to the limitations set forth in this Agreement, you agree not to use your Elevate Pay Account for the following – the examples listed below are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to modify or update the lists below at any time by posting a revised version to our website:

The revised version will be immediately effective upon posting.


If we determine in our sole discretion that you engage or have engaged in activities that are illegal, may harm others or our reputation or operations, or violate our or others’ rights, including by engaging in any of the activities above or authorizing or helping others to do so, we may deny, terminate, or suspend your use of the Elevate Pay service.

We alone will determine whether there has been a breach of this Acceptable Use Policy through your use of our Services.

Changes to the Agreement

We may modify this Agreement by providing you Notice. Your continued use of the Services constitutes your consent to the revised Agreement.